Zenblen is a start up looking for a mobile app to support it's main product a vending machine that makes fresh healthy smoothies. 

A team of three
My Roles: researcher, user interviewer,
 wire framer, usability testing,asset illustration
Google Slides
Google forms
Google Drive
Paper Prototyping
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
User Interviews
Usability testing
Contextual Analysis
Story boarding 
Affinity Maps
Feature Matrix
Comparative Analysis
Competitive Analysis

Zenblen needs a way to establish a loyal customer base.  They also need to alleviate lines in order to provide a pleasurable experience for the user. 
we started by conducting 69 user survey's and from there interviewed 10 users. I went to observed users at similar machines like McDonald's Kiosk.We learned that users were interested in the prospect of the machine but would often quickly delete apps similar to the one were proposing, after getting the sign up bonus.

research from the user interviews and affinity map was used to build a new persona.
from there we looked at designing the app around an ordering function intended to shorten lines to the machine, but every smoothie is made when the user gets to the machine not before. so there is no incentive to use the app, ordering function. 7 more user interviews discovered, users would feel slight have to wait. we started to design the rewards system as the major feature.
I drew the jar design that would serve as the main visual for the rewards system.
From there, a paper prototype was taken through 3 rounds of testing and iteration, I was responsible for note taking and conducting 3 of those usability test. these new test added to some confusing with users, how assumed ordering was an app feature. taking the team back to the question of weather or not to include the feature
Zenblen’s initial app will include a pre-ordering function which will reserve the ingredients for their smoothie.  It will also feature a rewards program with both short and long term goals.  Providing the option to Sign in with their Apple ID will give users assurance that their data is safe.  These qualities will all help attract and retain a new customer base.
Next Steps:
Usability testing with kiosk machine and at boutique gyms

Research workplace, airport, and event space users and environments

Develop rewards tier system 

Optimize for accessibility
Extra: Art Assets
because of my skills as an illustrator I was in chrage of deleting all the art that the app uses. 
the evolution of the help screen.
the images live next to the information on how the machine works, and how often it's cleaned.  to add product transparency, which was important to the client and and 
to spite the simple idea the reward jar went through several iterations.

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